DeJuan Bonds

Owner, Purple Label Luxury Barber Shop

DeJuan Bonds

As an entrepreneur, this city thrives on helping small businesses. Over the last 25 years I’ve been able to grow my shop to becoming one of the most noted barbershops, simply on word of mouth and consistent customer service. Thank you KC.

DeJuan Bonds

Behind every champion is an MVP barber. In KC, that barber is DeJuan Bonds. 

A self-made professional and KC native, DeJuan believes in the, “If you’re gonna do it, do it right,” attitude. He has never taken out a loan to build his old school barbershops, with modern amenities and a myriad of KC sports memorabilia. His hard work and resilient attitude are paying off, as he continues to receive accolades for having “the best hands around!”

Purple Label Barber Shop
About Purple Label Barber Shop

In an effort to broaden the demographic and diversity of his customers, DeJuan changed the name of the shop with intention. Purple, to signify royalty and the Paleolithic tradition that cutting hair was a duty of the wisest priests, and Label, as a reference to his first storefront, Napps. Purple Label became the first multi ethnicity shop in Johnson County, Kansas.

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