Marissa Gencarelli

Co-founder, Yoli Tortilla

Marissa Gencarelli

Besides the cost of living, quality of life and sense of community, I think Kansas City is full of opportunities. I love seeing the diversity of business, not just technology, healthcare, but the arts and food scene. You will be met with encouragement by friendly people and countless places to eat. 

Marissa Gencarelli
A native of Sonora, Mexico, Marissa founded Yoli Tortilleria alongside husband Mark in 2017. Family road trips she experienced as a child heavily influenced her journey as an entrepreneur. From Sonora all the way to the Yucatan Peninsula, Marissa’s travels allowed her to learn of the nuances between regional cuisines.

With a mission to bring people together, Yoli products are inspired by those trips, prioritizing traditional processes and local ingredients. Yoli’s retail shop, in KC’s Westside neighborhood, offers tortillas, salsas, aguas frescas and even more seasonal items. Yoli Products can also be found in restaurants and grocers across the region and online.

Page Photography Credit: Alyssa Broadus

In 2021, Marissa launched the Eat Yoli zine series to share Mexico’s culinary diversity. Each volume is focused on a region or a specific ingredient. The zine is authored by Marissa and designed by Frank Norton. 
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